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Welcome to Ligar Technologies
Ligar Technologies mission is to provide new and innovative technology that makes Model Railroading a wholly interactive experience by offering the best digital sound,  motion detection, and command and control systems that DCC has to offer.
Ligar Technologies Decoder installation guide
Check out our new DVD workshop on DCC non-sound and sound decoder installation.  As you get through this 45 minute workshop, you will come out able do basic decoder installations.  See our trailer on the "DVD Workshop".
Soundtraxx Tsunami Deocers
Ligar Technologies sells the awesome sound decoders from Soundtraxx. Check out the varitey of sound decoders. See a live demo of this on our website.

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Send your locomotive to us to get DCC Sound and Light upgrades!
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Located in San Antonio Texas, Ligar Technologies sells the latest and greatest in Model Railroading products from A to Z at a discount. If you cannot find it on our Online store, please call our Storefront (open to all walk-in traffic) at: (210) 979-8880.

We also offer training classes and technical support on DCC sound installation, DCC programming using JMRI, layout wiring and lighting projects.
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Check out the new QSI Titan Decoder's! They sound great!
Ligar Technologies will upgrade your locomotives to have Titan Decoders for as little as $160! Call or email for information.
To get pricing infomation on the locomotive visit or
call/email our store at (210)979-8880
Check out the new Athearn RTR U50's! These locomotives look great!
Ligar Technologies upgrade your U50 as seen (Sound/LED's) for $160! Call or email for inquiry.
To get pricing infomation on the locomotive visit or
call/email our store at (210)979-8880